Monday, September 19, 2011


And to this day, there’s not a trace of remorse, not a sign of reverence, nobody caring about living by what I tell them or following my instructions that I’ve set out so plainly before you and your parents! (Jeremiah 44:10, The Message)

Secret sin can take away your appetite for the righteousness of God.
That secret sin that you committed has cost a price. You always thought that you had got away with it, but the remorse of it still remains in your heart. Those veiled resentments you harbour against your neighbour! The failure to forgive those who have wronged you! When the heart is filled with wickedness, there is no room for God. The jealousies, the envies, the prejudices, and the malices will take away you appetite for the things of the Spirit.

When your heart is filled with the husks of prejudice and the chaff of resentment, you can have no thirst for righteousness. If you allow your heart to be filled with Satan's rations, you will have no desire for heaven's manna.

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